analoge b / w manual prints


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playground (No. I)
two brothers in the alley

Photography is an essence of Walcherberger-Kößler’s work.

The camera accompanies her to capture situations, moods, moments and ideas since years in everyday life and on various trips around the world.


The look that develops,
through the lens of an analog camera,
if you focus,
if you control your breath,
if you search for the perfect moment through a small lens.


The moment you fall in love.
Because you have given attention to an object or subject.
You made it to something <special>, something <adorable>.
Don’t you feel it?


Walking attentively through the world, giving small peculiarities values ​​and qualities, giving them the chance to be something < beautiful > in their absurd everyday life.

Picking out everyday situations, turning them aesthetically into something <lovely>, catching the observer, and tearing her or him into the photo.

Maybe the most important point about Walcherberger-Kößler’s work is, sometimes you need to have the courage to get involved in new situations. Sometimes you might fall.

But you need not to be afraid of it!


Since process-oriented work is an integral part of Walcherberger-Kößler’s oeuvres, not only analog photography, but also analog exposure in the darkroom is a main part of her work.

The direct comparison with rituals is obvious.


The photos are enlarged, exposed and worked out directly from the negative in the darkroom.

The manual production of a classic photograph produces a new, distinctive original every time.


The following collections are exclusively to black / white photographs.
We are still working on color prints.


On this page you can order:

numbered / limited
analog hand prints

in format 30×30 cm
printed on high quality Ilford “velvet” paper

from various series in recent years, comes with certificate.

On request, you can already have the prints with original
black aluminum – Nielsen frames in gallery quality

order with or without soft off-white passepartout.

Please note that the final printed photos might not exactly resemble the look as you see them online as those are scanned from the negative.